Nasheaba Cosmetics

For many generations, West Africans have used shea butter to moisturize and protect skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. It is also used in the treatment of ezema and sunburns.
Nasheaba products include, 100% shea body butter and lip balm which is infused with essential oils and natural extracts in five fragrances. Shampoo and bathing soap are also products of Nasheaba. Baby-care products are no exception. Nasheaba cosmetics are not tested on animals

Home decor and Musical Instruments

Ele Agbe produces and sells hardwood home accents, including stools traditionally used for Ghana's chiefs and queen mothers, as well as masks adorned with symbols of life, hope and love. Ghanaian artisans from the forest regions select, trea, carve and polish the woods they have grown up with.

Original Jewelry

Ghana is the home of the largest bead market in West Africa. She is world-famous for its traditional bead-making

Ele Agbe users recycled glass and other materials to create beautiful, high quality beads. Our designers, apprenticed with renowned jewelers such as Kati Torda are creating stunning original jewelry through the marriage of traditional and contemporary materirals and skill. 

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