February marked a milestone in the development of Ele Agbe as work and production finally began in the Shea Shop, the factory that Comfort has been building inside the Ghana Inter- national Trade Fair site over the past- four years. This means that Ele Agbe has crossed the important threshold from being a cottage industry in which production takes place in the home to a small-scale manufacturer with a dedicated production centre.


This opens all kinds of possibilities for the recognition and expansion of the business to provide more em- ployment and opportunities for women and for young people.


The last two months have also been a very busy time for Comfort. She has completed the Entrepreneurship Training Project funded by the US State Department and organised a ‘Train the Trainer’ programme sup- ported by Intel.


From 26th May Comfort will be visit- ing the the US for two weeks at the invitation of Ten Thousand Villages, a US based Christian Fair Trade com- pany, who are one Comfort’s main commercial partners. Comfort will be making a presentation to their store managers about how Ele Agbe (Comfort’s company) supports women in rural Ghana through the manufacture and export of Shea butter cosmetics and recycled beads.